Add-on laptop holder for studios and multi-media workstations. The LPH/T can be securely anchored to any table top surface by means of its tightening clamp (adjustable up to 45 mm). Its laptop tray is height and tilt adjustable, and swivels at 360° to allow for ideal positioning of the laptop. Can [...]
Add-on universal tablet holder for studios and multi-media workstations. Can be securely anchored to any table top surface up to 72 mm thick (2.83") by means of its tightening clamp, but can also be connected to any stand with round tubing diameter of up to 50 mm (19.68"). Clever, safe and practical [...]
- Free-standing tripod laptop holder. - All-steel construction. - Can accommodate virtually any size laptop. Four stoppers, adjustable in width and depth, will securely anchor any size laptop, without interfering with input/output ports, expansion slots, cd-rw/dvd drivers, A/C adapter sockets placed [...]
Performance Workstation Structure for DJ. Ideal solution for most DJ setups, the DJ233 will accommodate complete DJ systems, DJ controllers, USB/ CD Media Players, DJ mixers, turntables and all sorts of DJ equipment.
Tabletop universal laptop holder for use on stage, production studios and multi-media workstations. Clever, safe and practical design allows musicians, DJs and laptop-based performers to integrate their laptop with existing furniture, raising it above all the gear positioned on their workstation.
New arrival
The LPH / 007 Universal Tablet Stand is the solution developed by Quik Lokthat enables musicians to perform alongside their tablet in any given situation, ensuring great stability. The Quik Lok LPH/007007 is designed to offer sturdiness thanks to heavy duty steel structure, and [...]
New arrival
LPH/009 is the multifunctional and modular table support developed by Quiklok to meet all the needs of the modern musician who can set up his home recording studio without heavy and bulky machinery as in the past. Thanks to its minimal design, the LPH 009 stand adapts perfectly to [...]