Founded in 1983, QUIK LOK plays a significant role in the technological innovation in the accessories industry for musicians, taking care of all the design, construction and distribution stages with a single purpose: support you in your hobby or in your professional career.

Located between Castelfidardo and Recanati, in the heart of the Italian musical instruments district, QUIK LOK ranks among the world leaders in the keyboard stand segment, thanks to the numerous awards that enhance its originality, reliability and precision in construction. All products are designed by a specialized engineers team, constantly working to find the most appropriate answers to the needs of professionals and enthusiasts in every situation: from the stage to the recording studio, from the rehearsal room to the installations.

1983: With the launch of the first keyboard stands, the QL/606 and QL/642 models, QUIK LOK has developed its first lever locking disk mechanism that has immediately distinguished and established itself as an industry reference standard throughout the world, for the ease and convenience in opening / closing the stand and the instant height adjustment.

In the second half of the ‘80s, Quik Lok stands out all over the world by presenting the DQL/15 microphone stand: a tripod stand with an ergonomic curvature and a captivating profile. A revolutionary product for the time, as unique in the musical instruments accessories market.

The peak of success was achieved with the WS/550 universal stand, which, thanks to the possibility of changing its shape in length, height and inclination, was soon nicknamed "chameleon". This stand easily held rack instruments, keyboards, mixers, DJ consoles, speakers and monitors. A winning concept, which was soon imitated by numerous manufacturers around the world. Now, with the new WS/650 series, this is one of our best sellers.

First half of the ‘90s: QUIK LOK was the first brand to create the only instrument stand on the market capable of supporting all types of electric guitars and basses: the QL/691. Built with arc-welded steel tubes, with fully adjustable arms and neck support, the QL/691 was robust, lightweight and completely foldable for easy transport. It was a big success and dominated the musical instruments accessories market. Even today, in the new QL/692 version this instrument stand is in our catalog and is among our top sellers.

Today QUIK LOK is an all-over-the-world famous brand both in terms of hardware and cable production. Thanks to attention paid to the needs of musicians, sound engineers, DJs, services and stage operators, the QUIK LOK brand has managed to establish itself on the music market with its offer of high quality products, designed to high standards, made with the best materials and processed with modern machinery able to automatically weld, wrap and paint, to guarantee users an EXCELLENT product supported by an EXCELLENT after-sales servicing.

Today QUIK LOK is a manufacturer of assembled and on reel cables and many accessories: keyboard stands, microphone stands, benches and stools, music stands, speakers and lights stands, stands for instruments of various kinds, amplifiers, mixers and racks, studio furniture, and portable stage systems.

Regarding cables, the QUIK LOK catalog has various lines covering different price ranges to meet all the needs of end users. Given the numerous requests coming from the market for quality cables, QUIK LOK has established solid collaborations with musicians and technicians, to combine the experiences gained in the music industry and bring the "SONIC SOLUTIONS for Musicians" project to life: a line of “High Definition” instrument and microphone cables.

The "SONIC SOLUTIONS for Musicians" line cables have distinctive tonal characteristics, not because they "equalize" the sound, but because of the characteristic way of transporting the signal coming from the instruments - especially the upper harmonics that so characterize the tones.

SONIC SOLUTION is 100% MADE IN ITALY: concept, design, manufacture, assembly and distribution are by SONIC SOLUTIONS working group by QUIK LOK.

The QUIK LOK Team carries out a constant research thinking to professional stages, live solutions in small environments, recording studios, home studios, fixed installations and rehearsal rooms. QUIK LOK is a reliable partner for musicians and professionals all over the world, chosen by generations of musicians, stage technicians, services, installers and backliners.

The brand boasts among its users several famous international artists, including:

the Whitney Houston band, the Michael Bolton band, Kenneth Crouch (Eric Clapton), Wayne Linsey (Stevie Wonder, Miles Davis, The Jackson, Stanley Clarke), Isaiah Sanders (Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson, Jeremy Jackson, Dionne Warwick) Rick Wakeman, Daryl Hall and John Oates, Ellis Hall, John Mattick, Larry Hanson, Delmar Brown, etc.

Quik Lok is a brand owned by Algam EKO S.r.l.