Quik Lok, the originator of the all-steel "Zeenith" stand, proudly introduces the new Z/71ALU ULTRALIGHT foldable "Z" structure, patent-pending design that sets up and folds down in literally 10 seconds flat!

Height adjustment to anyone of 13 height positions is a snap because of a spring-loaded, dual pin system that instantly releases and locks the tiers into the desired height position.

This amazing stand is great for tall keyboard players because the Z/71ALU is height adjustable from 66 to 99 cm (from 26” to 39”).

There is absolutely no sacrifice for strength or stability because of this design. In fact, constructed with high-impact aluminum tubing, this is one of the sturdiest yet lightest stands Quik Lok has ever made. It can securely hold any kind of equipment up to 113 kg (250 lbs) while weighing only 5.7 kg (12.66 lbs)!!!

Some of the other important features of the Z/71ALU:
• Large area for placement of floor pedals.
• Fully adjustable second tier add-on available, the Z/2. Converts the Z/71ALU to a double-tier stand.
• Compatible with other “Z” series options: Z/728 Mic boom, Z/731 utility shelf & the exclusive, versatile

LPH/Z laptop holder add-on.

Available in scratch-resistant, baked-on, non reflective, black enamel finish.

Contact your local dealer and inquire about availability !!