Famous throughout the world for its vast line of stylish near-field monitor stands, Quik Lok is now introducing its latest design, the new state-of-the-art BS402 monitor pedestal. All-steel, arc welded construction (no fibre or chipboard is used), the BS402 is an ideal mix of beauty and strength.
Designed with a solid triangular base with adjustable levelling floor spikes to enhance stability, and a sturdy metal top plate that will safely and steadily support most size monitors up to 57 kg (125 lb).
Height adjustable to anyone of 5 height positions from 78 to 112 cm (30.7” to 44”), the BS402 stand is also incorporating cable management clips to neatly accommodate speaker and power cords.
Perfect for home, project or professional recording studios, the contemporary style of our BS402 will enrich and add a classy touch to any kind of environment.
Available in scratch-resistant, baked-on, non reflective, black enamel finish.

Contact your local dealer and inquire about availability !!