The "MONOLITH", single-tier keyboard stand, represents all of the requirements of today’s keyboard players by incorporating a blend of form, functionality and lightweight portability. Other key features that make the Monolith the most complete keyboard stand ever developed: height adjustable tiers [...]
- Micro table top ''X'' stand used for holding 25 to 49 note keyboards on elevated surfaces such as table tops, computer furniture, pianos or organs.
Heavy duty, double-brace "X" with height angle, tilt and depth adjustable second tier.
Double-brace, single-tier "X".
Professional heavy duty, doublebrace, single-tier “X” keyboard stand
T10 "T-REX" Series full sized, single-brace, single-tier keyboard "X" stand. At the heart of all "T-REX" stands is the renowned "DINO-BITE" all-steel locking disc. Solidly constructed with high-grade steel for consistent high-quality and years of reliability.
The WS421 is an extremely versatile stand, designed for multiple applications. Heavy duty construction, the sturdy frame is built to hold the heaviest of keyboards and digital pianos safely and securely. Ideal for small live mixers, DJ, recording and audio equipment.
The absolute hands down choice of most professional musicians for home studio and live performance because of its adjustability, functionality, strength and reliability. Built using heavy duty 30 x 30 mm dual steel tube bracing for extra sturdiness and structural support.
Keyboard stand, mixer speakers, e side monitor
WS/650 LARGE, HEAVY DUTY MULTI-FUNCTION “T” STAND The WS/650 is an extremely versatile stand, designed by Quik Lok for countless applications. Ideal for speaker cabinets from 30" to 48" wide (76 to 122 cm), it's also capable of holding the heaviest of keyboards safely and securely. Great [...]