Fully-adjustable Sheet Music Holder. Designed for use with X-Series keyboard stands, QLX/4 mic boom and QLX/5 sheet music holder can also be used with WS/650 only in combination with Z/727 add-on tiers. These optionals similarly require QLY/42 add-on tiers to be used with QLY/40 Y-Series keyboard [...]
Add-on laptop holder for use with X-Series structure. It attaches to the top tier of any "X"-style stand having a 30 mm diameter. Designed to expand your keyboard / mixer stand into a complete and practical workstation. LPH/X can accommodate virtually any size laptop. Four stoppers, adjustable in [...]
Universal tablet holder Clever, safe and practical design allows musicians to integrate their tablet with existing keyboard stands, for use on stage, production studios, in the rehearsal room or at home Will accommodate virtually any size tablet having side measurements ranging from 111